Rethinking Customer Service In A Moblie World – A Checklist

Customer service has always been an important factor contributing to the success of a business, and the realization about its importance in today’s mobile driven world is stronger than it has ever been.

The trends and preferences indicate a drastic transformation in the customer behavior and choices.

  • Global mobile phone transactions to exceed $1 trillion by 2015. *
  • Countries with 100 million mobile subscribers have jumped from 10 to 14 within a year with China, India and United States leading the pack. **

This is an omen of the changing tastes and behavior of customers and their inclination towards and reliance on mobile phones. For businesses, it calls for rethinking and modification of their existing customer engagement strategy.

Here’s a checklist for an effective mobile customer services and engagement strategy:

  • Use of notifications: Mobile is all about context and real time notifications. Use notifications for the benefit of customers without spamming them.
  • Mobile customer portal: Provide a mobile-first version of your customer and partner portal.
  • Responsive websites: Make your websites responsive or provide a mobile version of your site.
  • Go Mobile First: Avoid mobilizing your existing web app. Think of the user and the features you can provide by leveraging the power of device. At the same time, be cognizant of the screen size and the limited ability to input stuff.
  • App feedback loop: If you have launched mobile apps, provide a feedback mechanism from within the app.
  • Mobile analytics: Know your customers and their devices. Improve and iterate mobile apps based on the analytical information.
  • Branding: Leverage on the outreach of popular App Stores or serve mobile apps via your company branded App centre.
  • Establish personal connection: Mobile is a personal device and it gives an unprecedented opportunity to connect with your customers. Leverage location proximity, camera & pictures, real time notifications and more to build interactive mobile apps relating to your business.
  • Self Serve mobile apps: Offer solutions, information, FAQs, videos and more in a mobile app to keep your customer service app working for you – 24/7.

Just like mobile itself, this list will keep evolving.

Please add to this list and share your experiences.

So can I send a SMS to your customer services department now?

– Avinash Harsh

This article was originally published on LinkedIn