10 Advantages Of Enterprise MBAAS

There’s a problem you want to fix; an inefficiency you’d like to rectify. You tell your friends, family, and coworkers about it, and they agree. “There should be an app for that,” they say. But do they bother to go through the process of actually developing it? No way.

Good thing you’re an entrepreneur with a proactive spirit and a superior intellect – You’ll do it yourself!

You know exactly what you want your app to do. You know exactly how you want it to look. This app is going to revolutionize how people do business. And as a nice little bonus, it’s going to have a beautiful UI.

Time passes. You’ve created a wireframe of the app and begun coding the UI. Everything is going great. But then it comes time for backend integration. . . and your enthusiasm for app development is quickly stifled, soon plunging into hair-pulling frustration.

A project you imagined would take just a few months is now knocking at the door of a year, and your app may almost be ready for deployment. But at what cost?